Wednesday, September 2, 2009

If you want to become less informed about the California Water Crisis in under 2 minutes, watch this video posted today on the Steve Poizner for Governor website. See the Aguanomics blog for some commentary on Poizner's water policy from a libertarian perspective. [Yes, there are many very conservative, pro-market reasons to support the environmentalists on this issue which isn't always the case.]

In this video, you won't even see the Delta on the map or even mentioned. Nor does it mention a drought. He only says canals and pumps that are "shut down" (not true) due to court orders. There is a strange comment about someone in San Francisco who could "make it all go away." I guess there is a rain goddess there.

As for the 3 "human impacts."

1. 35,000 unemployed people? I need to send him a copy of our latest report. [Note: His website is totally silent on the housing crisis.]

2. Food shortage? It is true food isn't growing in some fallowed areas, but the California tomato crop is estimated to set a record this year, the overproduction of milk has caused a crisis in the dairy industry, and almond orchards are being torn out because of low prices. Not usually signs of a shortage.

3. Our wallets? Higher food prices will cost us money according to the video. Maybe a little, but it will be small change compared to the tax and water fee increases we will be burdened with for years to recover the costs of the multi-billion dollar water infrastructure plan.

There is a chance that the peripheral canal and other infrastructure spending might be worth it. However, none of the advocates of this giant, multi-billion dollar spending program are calling for cost-benefit analysis. In fact, they never even mention what it will cost. Does it matter? If you made this Water 101 video, I guess it is obvious what needs to be done.

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