Monday, December 14, 2009

Paul Samuelson has died

Paul Samuelson, the great MIT economist, died over the weekend. His textbook was the first Economics book I ever read.

I was "born" as an economist in my first semester of College in 1988 when I lugged a copy of Samuelson's famous textbook everywhere I went (and was mocked about the omnipresent book by my friends). It was Introduction to Macroeconomics, and thanks to Samuelson's book and a wonderful old lion of a Professor (Sidney Wertimer at Hamilton College who died a few years ago), I found my professional calling.

My freshman year of college is when I discovered economics and beer. I regret that I sold Samuleson's book for beer money at the end of the year, but fortunately economics prevailed over beer in the long-run.

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