Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mendota High Wins State Chess Championship

Congratulations to Mendota High students for this tremendous achievement.

It isn't just chess players with achievement, as the Mendota school district has boosted it's API score by about 100 points since 2006.

2010 Census data show a population of 11,019 in Mendota City, a 39.6% increase over the 2000 Census, and four times faster than the 10% growth in the state of California, and more than double the 16.4% growth rate of Fresno County.  Mendota's housing vacancy rate was 5.2% in the 2010 Census, less than the 8.3% vacancy rate in Fresno County and the 8.0% vacancy rate in California.

These are all very remarkable achievements and surprising statistics given the economic challenges Mendota has been facing and the multitude of press reports that have suggested that this town has dried up and blown away because of the Delta Smelt.

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