Thursday, June 3, 2010

89% of Elk Grove Teachers Approve Concessions

These sort of negotiations between teachers and school districts are on-going around the Valley right now. All of them are unique, so they can't be directly compared.

I was expecting the Elk Grove Teachers vote would be a close one, and was suprised by the 89% approval. Lodi teachers voted down a different set of contract concessions by a 4 to 1 margin in April and my understanding is there will be a much larger level of lay-offs and much larger class sizes in Lodi Schools (which includes much of North Stockton).

From the Sac Bee:
Elk Grove Unified School District teachers gave overwhelming approval Tuesday night to a two-year contract that included a pay cut, nine furlough days, an increase in their medical co-pay and the suspension of an annual bonus from lottery funds.
There was 89 percent approval for the contract, said Tom Gardner, president of the Elk Grove Education Association.
In return, the district agreed to cap class sizes in kindergarten through third grade at 24 and save 210 teacher and librarian jobs.

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