Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Do more Pacific employees live in Stockton than City employees?

Over the past month, there have a been a series of articles in the Record and a lot of discussion about how many city employees live in the city of Stockton.

According to the Record: 26% of Stockton firefighters and 45% of Stockton police live in the City of Stockton. Among other City employees, 69% live in Stockton.

For a project we are doing for the University that will be released this fall, we received data on the zipcodes of Pacific employees. (We don't have any more detail, so don't ask.)

Because a few zipcodes cross city boundaries, we don't have an exact percentage. If you assume everyone that lives in a zipcode that includes both Stockton and unincorporated areas lives in the city limits, then 71% of Pacific employees live in Stockton. Because some of these people undoubtedly live in the unincorporated ares, I would estimate between 60% and 70% of Pacific employees have a Stockton address, about 2 out of 3. About 85% live in San Joaquin County.

Thus, the numbers are similar to non-police and non-fire city employees; and I would suspect that it is similar to hospitals and other big employers in town.

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  1. The city also used zip codes, and counted those living in unincorporated pockets and neighborhoods like, say, Morada, as city residents, so 71 percent would be a fair number for comparison.