Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Congratulations California Voters

California voters showed good judgement in rejecting Propositions 16 and 17, despite expensive and deceptive campaigns by PG&E and Mercury Insurance, the companies that stood to profit from these initiatives.

I predict California voters will show similar wisdom in the fall and vote down the Water Bond despite what is sure to be an expensive and deceptive campaign by water agencies, much like we have seen from PG&E for Proposition 16.


  1. Yes, thank God. I usually never vote the primaries, but went and did so specifically to vote no on these stupid propositions.

    There is always cause to be very suspicious when companies are pushing a proposition. I mean, why was Mercury Insurance putting up a proposition supposedly to lower our insurance rates? Why have they all of a sudden decided to fight for lower insurance rates for all CA drivers? If Mercury Insurance wanted to give a discount for continuous coverage, couldn't they just do that themselves? And if they did so, and they were the only ones, then wouldn't that be an advantage for them? They could advertise it and everything. The whole thing just didn't make sense.

    I hate ballot propositions, and these two propositions illustrate all that is wrong with the system. I was ready to vote no on Prop 16 simply because I didn't want to have to vote on yet another thing, because there is just too dang much stuff to vote for. (Such as all those judicial offices, like I even have a clue who they are...)

  2. I know, I couldn't tell you who I voted for in some of the races low on the ballot.

    I voted for the open primaries too. I wonder if I will regret that in the future (kind of like term limits), but in the meantime we really need to get some more moderate candidates into office from both parties.