Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Nature Conservancy Says Ending Delta Exports is Bad for the Environment

From a TNC Q&A in support of the peripheral canal. Why not just stop exporting water from the Delta?

Anthony Saracino: Completely eliminating water exports from the Delta would force millions of people to draw their water from other sources, and that could cause even greater harm to the natural environment that Californians treasure

Did he really say that? If he had said that it would have too big of an economic impact or was politically impossible I would disagree with him, but at least feel he was being honest.

It is well known that the main impact would be to fallow a large amount (but by no means all) of irrigated, desert land in the south valley. Certainly there would be some economic impact (typically exagerrated by canal supporters), but I didn't know until now that this would be bad for the environment. I guess this is one of "California's last great places" you are protecting with your TNC donation.


  1. Yes, God forbid we conserve or anything. Thank goodness I stopped giving to TNC a long time ago. The whole Delta Vision Process was a JOKE!

  2. Anonymous, I recommend you write a check to TNC today, then fire up the hot tub without guilt. TNC will protect California's environment from the dangers of conservation.