Saturday, May 2, 2009

Legislative Analyst's Office Agrees With Me on BDCP

A follow up to the previous post on the Sac Bee op-ed. The Legislative Analyst's office has the same complaint about the Bay Delta Conservation Plan that I express in the last part of the op-ed: no comprehensive economic study. This is the concluding bullet point from the Legislative Analyst's recent report:

The BDCP Analysis Too Narrowly Focused to Fully Inform
Legislature on Conveyance Issue; Broader, More Comprehensive
Cost-Benefi t and Economic Analyses Required.

...the process does not appear to be giving adequate consideration to the economic impact of the chosen conveyance solution on third parties (such as Delta
farmers) or to the fiscal impact of the various alternatives on
state finances. To address the broader information requirements
of the Legislature, we recommend that the Delta Vision Committee
report to the Legislature with a more comprehensive analysis
of the costs, benefits, risks, and inherent policy tradeoffs in connection
with each conveyance alternative...

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