Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lodi Teachers Make Concessions

There are a lot of these public employee union negotiations going on in the Valley right now, and the results will impact the direction of the Valley economy in the years to come.

According to the Record, Lodi teachers have tentatively accepted a 2% pay cut for 2010-11 and a wage freeze for 2010-11, and this is anticipated to save some teacher jobs. Unfortunately, this concession isn't enough to avoid 5-7 furlough days over the next few years (which means shorter school years, the wrong direction for CA education.) I know how hard teachers work and that they will be facing larger classes and less support to go along with the reduced pay. It is a hard to accept these concessions, and I compliment the Lodi teachers for doing the right thing for the kids and their teaching colleagues who are facing lay offs.

The even bigger question for Valley cities are negotiations with police and fire unions. Even larger concessions are needed in these areas.

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