Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cardoza fired up over foreclosures

I am happy to see Dennis Cardoza being so critical of the Obama administration about foreclosures.  Here is a link to his op-ed in the Fresno Bee, and he also wrote a letter to the President among other actions (including proposing to slash the HUD travel budget).  I won't comment on his political tactics or specific proposals, but the first step is to move the issue to the top of the agenda.

As I have pointed out repeatedly, Obama's efforts on foreclosure mitigation have been the weakest part of his economic recovery agenda since the beginning. 

I have given Valley Congressional Reps a hard time about expressing so much outrage over water when the foreclosure mess is at least 10x more important to their economic woes.  That was the point of the Fish or Foreclosure report we published about a year ago.  So, I am glad to see Rep. Cardoza getting more vocal (to his credit he has paid more attention to this issue than his colleagues since the beginning) on this issue, and would like to see some of his neighboring reps. co-signing these letters.

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