Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Economic Sustainability Plan Update

The latest version of the Economic Sustainability Plan was posted last Thursday afternoon, and will be presented to the Delta Protection Commission (DPC) this Thursday in Stockton.  I am the principal, but have had a lot of help.  A few notes:

This is the first complete draft.  It includes actions, strategies, and recommendations in the final chapter which is posted on the DPC website.  All the chapters can be downloaded individually.  The recommendations are only a few pages, but too long to repost here. 

At this point, it is important to remember that the conclusions and recommendations have not been approved by the DPC.  They are consultant recommendations based on our research, interpretation of the evidence, and mandate to develop a plan that enhances and ensures economic sustainability for the Delta while also being consistent with the co-equal goals of the Stewardship Council's Delta Plan.  Since the document currently stands at 244 pages (despite moving a lot of material to appendices that will be posted soon), the last two chapters will ultimately be revised into a summary version of the Economic Sustainability Plan.

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