Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Update on the Economic Sustainability Plan for the Delta

A 15 page draft executive summary of the Economic Sustainability Plan is now available as part of the August 9 draft.  The previous drafts did not have an executive summary because the draft was too incomplete and preliminary.

The August 9 draft makes some adjustments to the recommendations in the second draft, all of which are included in the executive summary.  The individual chapters can be downloaded here, including chapter 4 on levees and flood risk that is getting the most current attention.  There are four public meetings around the Delta over the next two weeks if you want to hear more and make comments.

There are a few elements of the plan that are still under development for the September/final draft.  The most significant adjustment will be in the Legacy Community chapter which is getting reorganized with new content including better graphical illustration of concepts.  We are also fine tuning some parts of the data analysis in the agriculture chapter and developing a visual concept of what the recreation strategy could mean for a detailed area in the Delta.  None of these will change the broad recommendations in the plan, but will add detail and support. 

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