Thursday, October 18, 2012

ACWA denounces other people's bumper sticker slogans

In light of yesterday's ACWA blog denouncing bumper sticker slogans, I feel compelled to repost one of my favorite photos from the media circus preceeding the 2009 water legislation that ACWA championed (which one could argue made a bumper sticker slogan the law).  This shot is from ACWA's 2009 "water march" to the Capitol in summer 2009.

The anti-bumper sticker ACWA blog post also contains two of my favorite over-simplified bumper sticker slogans from peripheral tunnel promotors, "One State" and the "Delta Fix". 

To be fair, I think the ACWA message has improved a lot since 2009.  They even invited me to be on a panel at their December conference even though I make a habit of needling them on this blog. 

But if ACWA is serious about this "One State" stuff, there is a lot they could do to lead by example.  They should start by endorsing Rep. Garamendi's safe levee and benefit-cost bill. 

What could be more "one state" than making the Central Valley Project support the levees that have conveyed their water for 50 years (no more free riding).  What could be more "one state" than a comprehensive, statewide benefit-cost analysis of the "Delta Fix".  Instead of opposing the Berryhill statewide benefit-cost bill of the peripheral tunnels in the Assembly, "one state" ACWA should be promoting it.

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